Black Queen differentiates itself from all other vodkas in many ways.

Refined taste and delicate fragrance of this product are the result of subtle marriage between selected qualtity  products.

Black Queen vodka was created based on a 19th century recipe and is produced by a distillery with over a hundred years of experience.

This luxurious vodka is produced from high quality wheat, selected grains and pure water coming from natural resources. Advanced technology, unique filtration process and premium ingredients combine to produce a perfect Black Queen.

The dark colour is obtained during a unique process which does not involve any chemical dye what strengthens even more the Queen-like  perfection.

This very special property comes with a surprisingly round-bodied flavour due to the design process that brings out the very height of precision. Due to stringent selection of the raw materials – purified spring water as well as first grade wheat – the contours of this black gem are quite literally polished. The potential for flavour and aroma of the Black Queen ensures that the tasting doors are thrown wide open for her. She envisages herself both pure and endowed with the numerous combinations of qualities, which the mixologists will find to attribute to her.

Perfectly in harmony with this design phase, which has required elaborate work of extremely high precision, the Black Queen resides in a sparkling carafe.

Naturally dark with no artificial or herbal additives, Black Queen presents a vintage, fine champagne, cognac colour.

Black Queen comes in a carafe of 700 ml / 750 ml, with gold prints. The alcohol content is 40%.